Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Almost half the Roof Done

Great progress today ... got first half of roof on.

Please note the hole in the mid section of the roof is to allow for a special section of roof that has the wood burning stove chimney in.. this will not be made of wood as it will need to withstand temperatures of around 600C at the interface point which would not be too good if it was wood. Wouldn't want the workshops to get too hot now would we?

We have seen a nice version of this interface in a local model shop in an old barn conversion that has a wood burning stove and we will be look at making a similar interface.

Anyway here are the pictures of half a roof..

It was a bit tricky getting the first panel in as we had to wedge a wider gap on the end rafter to enable the wood to slide under. Once this was in place the rest all just lined up beautifully!

View across the rooftop .. first to the east then to the west ...

In this pic can see how nicely it all tucked in under that crossbeam rafter ... absolutely perfect seal to keep the rain out ... will be perfect for when we get the roof underlay and felt on.

The shallow angle on this side made it easy to sit on to secure each of the panels. Tomorrow will be hoping to complete the other side ... going to be even more challenging as the panels are longer and heavier with a steeper angle!

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  1. Wow! The roof frame looks very sturdy! That would certainly help prevent the roof from suddenly collapsing due to harsh weather. Anyway, how’s the construction going? Have you installed the chimney on the special section of the roof?

    @Mary Martin