Friday, April 2, 2010

Part Two.. after two more PSVT instances

So I forgot to mention on the 15th of March whilst doing the first half I had a PSVT attack/event as I managed to get my heart back to normal rate I told the Dr at my 6week check up 30 March where  he increased my /beta Blockers well dubbed the dose. The day after early morning before the new dose takes effect for the day off starts another PSVT event that this time is enough for Blue lights and siren all the way to the hospital where they struggle to get my heart to slow down this time its not 225 its only 197 as the beta blockers have knocked it down.. Any way Beta Blocker dose has now been trebled was discharged 1 hour after my heart rate was fixed.

So here are the pics of the second half of the build the extra concrete piers were added as Midge was worried that the steel posts would not stop the frame sinking so each post now has a 10" X 10" concrete pier around it.. 

Messy hard work digging up the roots of 12' high Miscanthus grass The roots / rysones are like 1" wooden lattice work up to 2' deep. The only way to cut them is sledge hammering each half of the spade blade through the roots to cut  a 4" by 1' to 2' deep slices of root out.

Belts and braces is the design terminology.. Engineering factor X2 any was nice to try out my £39.00 Cement mixer which was really cool bought over a a year ago maybe two years ago so Kinda cool as mixing by hand with PSVT is possibly not a good idea now!!.

So now I'm just waiting for the dear old DIY place again to sort out their Swift rafter hangers computer stock problems that says they have 102  packs of 10 hangers in stock when they have NONE!!
Computers stock control programs humans and the old garbage in garbage out problem..

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